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Beauty Model

Price List 

Price List: List

Classic Full Set 


Classic Fill 


Hybrid Full Set 


Hybrid Fill


Volume Full Set 


Volume Fill


Mega Volume Full Set 


Mega Volume Fill


Lash Lift 

$40 (add tint +$10)

Brow Lamination

$40 (add tint +10)

Dermal Fillers - Rich 

$300 - 0.5ml syringe $400 - 1ml syringe $150 - Top Up (remaining syringe) 



Dermal Fillers - Ryan 

$400 - 1ml syringe $250 - Top Up (remaining syringe) $450 - Nose 

Due to the high amount of clients, we are currently not accepting any new LASH clients at this time.

Ready for some injectables?

How exciting! To make sure we'd be a good fit as your injector, please answer some questions in the link below.

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