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Lash Lift or Extensions? Which one should you get?

Updated: May 4, 2021

Although both the treatments are used to make the lashes longer, fuller and alluring, however, they work differently. Eyelash extensions involve the bonding of individual lashes to your natural lashes with the help of a medical grade adhesive by an experienced artist to make them look physically fuller and longer.

On the other hand, a lash lift involves the natural curling and perming of your lashes to make them appear longer and fuller. So, the lash lifts give an enhanced look to your natural lashes while the eyelash extensions can be used for a rather dramatic effect. Ultimately, it all comes down to your preference.

Pros of Lash Lifts

The biggest pro of lash lift is that they look absolutely natural as compared to the extensions. Another benefit of the lash lifts is that they help you in sorting the untamed lashes which start to crisscross or get twisted. A great lash lift makes them manageable by straightening them. Another great advantage associated with the lash lifts is that the maintenance every 8-12 weeks vs every 2-4 weeks with extensions and since you are using your very own natural lashes, there aren’t as many associated irritation. You can even use mascara to give you some extra length!

Cons of Lash Lifts

One of the biggest cons of the lash lifts is that many people can’t get theirs lifted for being too short. So, there are various limitations as you are helpless about the capabilities of your natural lashes. For instance, if they are too short, you can’t get them curled up to give the effect that you might be looking for.

Pros of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions (if done right) can make your morning routine that much easier. They give the most dramatic look to your eyes and would be particularly perfect for events and holidays. They make your mornings much more relaxing as you don’t have to worry about putting on makeup and can simply step out without applying any mascara and yet looking fabulous with those popping eyes and alluring lashes. #IWokeUpLikeThis

Cons of Eyelash Extensions

You cannot risk getting them applied from anyone as it is a job for a professional artist to apply them properly as you wouldn’t want your lashes to look clumpy. If not properly applied, they would have to be taken out and in doing so may harm your natural lashes. And the biggest drawback of the lash extensions is the maintenance and upkeep as they last for only a month and may also need a touch up in between.

But which one should I get?

In order to choose the best one for you, it is important to know what type of look you want to attain. If you want a dramatic look, go for the extensions while for a natural look, lash lift would be more suitable. Furthermore, if you have short or sparse lashes, lash extensions would be better suited to give you your dream lashes.

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